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About EBSO

EBSO is a national full-service Third Party Administrator (TPA) established in 1987, with offices in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio, Arizona and Kentucky. EBSO manages all aspects of employee benefits programs for over 100,000 plan members. Today EBSO works with every type and size of Employer and our clients are employer groups, cooperatives and large insurance companies. With a core focus on our clients’ bottom line, EBSO’s products and services touch every type of benefit plan employer, carrier or consultant may have. We are experts at providing meaningful and actionable multi-year strategies for the ever-changing world of employee benefits.

Our Services

  • Self-funded Benefit Plans
  • Large/Small Group Level Funding
  • Reference-Based Pricing
  • Consumer Driven Health Plans
  • Aggregated Consolidated Billing and Remittance
  • 403(b)/457 Remittance Administration
  • Risk Management Tools
  • Population Health Management
  • ACA Reporting Services
  • Telemedicine
  • Pharmacy Benefit Solutions
  • Direct Contracting and Reference Based Pricing Options
  • Voluntary Products
  • Transparency and Analytics
  • Integrated Wellness


EBSO believes there is a benefits solution to meet the unique needs of every employer. As one of the most respected and trusted Third Party Administrators in the nation our team of experts helps employers create custom health plans with a focus on producing a healthy bottom line. EBSO is committed to delivering innovative, cost-effective benefit solutions and unmatched service for our clients and their members. Health plans should contribute to the overall success of and organization and our passion is for creating solutions that exceed expectations for every client, every situation, every day.

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