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Spring 2024 pic

Spring 2024

Meeting the Needs of Working Parents

With industry analysts estimating that childcare payments have increased by more than 30% since 2019, it’s no wonder that fewer than a third of U.S. households can afford a nanny or daycare center. Compound these conditions with a growing need for adult caregivers and companies bringing employees back into the office and it’s easy to see why many working parents are either leaving the workforce or searching for a position with more flexibility.


  • Redefining Worker Classification
  • Does Anyone Know What Healthcare Costs?
  • FDA Allows Drug Importing
  • And more!
Winter 2024 pic

Winter 2024

Balancing Cost and Quality

Health benefit costs continue to pose a greater burden for employers and plan members and the underlying costs of care are projected to rise by as much as 7 percent in 2024. With this as a backdrop, the New Year is a perfect time to review an approach that has enabled many self-funded health plans to achieve both lower costs and high quality.


  • Seizing Drug Patents
  • Has COBRA Become Irrelevant?
  • Keeping Naloxone in the Workplace
  • And more!
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Fall 2023

  • Information on the CAA Gag Clause & the future of HDHPs
  • How AI is transforming patient care
  • Testing for a promising new stroke treatment
  • And more!
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Summer 2023

  • Healthcare Regulatory Updates
  • Retail Giants Looking to Disrupt Healthcare Delivery
  • What You Should Know About Naloxone
Fall 20212pic

Spring 2023

  • New Compliance Trends
  • Update on Specialty Drug Prices
  • New Ideas for Healthy Consumers
Fall 20212pic

Winter 2023

  • Telehealth Coverage Extensions
  • How the Inflation Reduction Act is Hurting Medical Research
  • States with the Highest and Lowest Premiums

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