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Fall 20212pic

Fall 2022

The Dobbs Decision and Health Plans

When the Supreme Court issued its decision that the U.S. Constitution does not grant a right to abortion, it created a number of complex issues for group health plan sponsors. Learn what your organization and employees need to know on this topic, including the importance of revisiting ERISA, reviewing plan documents, and how the Dobbs decision may affect FSAs, HSAs, & HRAs in the future. READ MORE


  • Consumer Protection Measures
  • Revisiting the Benefits of HSAs
  • New Ideas for Health Consumers
Summer 2022 pic

Summer 2022

Is Your Health Plan Testing Positive?

While delivering robust health benefits is never easy, rising healthcare prices, the Covid-19 pandemic and record inflation are creating added pressures. There’s no magic bullet, but there are focus areas that, when combined holistically, can keep costs down for your organization and your employees. READ MORE


  • Evolving Paid Family Leave
  • Avoiding Surprise Claims
  • Revisiting Transparency Rules
Spring 2022 pic

Spring 2022

  • What Are Social Determinants of Health?
  • Exploring DEI Benefits
  • How Healthcare Spending Has Changed


Fall 2021 pic

Winter 2022

  • Why Are HSAs so Under Utilized?
  • What Gen Z Wants at Work
  • Will New Healthcare Laws Help?


Fall 2021 pic

Fall 2021

  • Responding to Vaccine Mandates at Work
  • Benefits of Level Funding for Small Businesses
  • Ensuring Your Health Plan Provides Value


Summer 2021 pic

Summer 2021

  • Price Transparency Rules Issued
  • More Employers Considering Self-Funding
  • 2022 HSA Contribution Limits

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