90 Degree PlanPoint

Retirement Plan Aggregation of Plan Contributions for Recordkeepers and Fund Managers

For Plan Sponsors and Plan Service Centers with multiple employer locations.

PlanPoint > One Source,One Solution for Retirement Plan Contribution Aggregation Services for 403(b), 401(a), 401(k) & 457 Plans

  • Faith Based Organizations
  • Governmental Groups
  • Non & For-Profit Groups
  • Multi-Source Data Feeds
  • Plan Recordkeepers & Fund Managers
  • Plan Administrators & Sponsors
  • Consultants & Advisors
  • System Lease Options

PlanPoint Streamlines Fund Contributions for Plans with

  • Multiple Participating Employer Locations
  • Variations in location Plan Rules
  • Multiple Contribution Sources
  • Differing Payrolls & Contribution sources
  • Manual process conversion to EDI/ACH
  • Help with Customized Member Communication
  • Plan Sponsor Website single sign on to PlanPoint

PlanPoint Connects all Contribution Sources

  • Timely Fund Deposits
  • Money Source Reporting
  • Plan Data Reporting
  • Contributions Limit Tracking
A circular, blue and white diagram with the title PLAN SPONSOR around the top edge and triangular segments pointing to the repeated label EMPLOYER LOCATION with a central point labeled RECORD KEEPER.

Say Goodbye to Funding Contribution Struggles

PlanPoint is the contribution bridge between multiple employer group locations and their Plan fund recordkeeper. We give plan sponsors and their service entities the power to:

Reduce Administrative Burden & Costs

Secure Portal Reports & Data Access

Timely Fund Deposit Work with any Fund Manager/Recordkeeper

Enhance Participating Employer Location Satisfaction as a Plan Participant

Our Process

Experts at simplifying Retirement Plan processing of contributions & funding remittance to recordkeeper for 403(b), 401(k), 457 & 401(a) aggregation where there are multiple employer locations, payroll processes and plan rules.

Diagram depicting a centralized 90 Degree PlainPoint support system with interconnected roles: PLAN SPONSOR, PLAN CONSULTANT, PARTICIPATING EMPLOYER GROUPS, and RECORDKEEPER FUND MANAGER illustrated with bidirectional arrows and an accompanying graphic of a person with a headset working on a laptop.

The 90 Degree Benefits Difference

90 Degree Benefits is committed to helping you find the right solutions for your business. We’re here to bridge the gap to a seamless fund transfer process – one source, one solution.

Are you ready to streamline your retirement plan process?