As the administrator of your health plan, 90 Degree Benefits is here to guide your organization through the requirements of the Transparency in Coverage Rule, so we are introducing useful tools to assist with compliance.

Machine Readable Files (MRFs)

Beginning July 1, users will be able to access and download 90 Degree Benefits’ Machine Readable Files (MRFs) that disclose the costs of in-network rates, out-of-network allowed amounts and billed charges.

As a reminder, the MRFs are extremely large files and are not user friendly. The files should not be confused with the member-friendly CAA Price Transparency Tool (see below), which will be available 1/1/2023.

Coverage of any item or service in the files is subject to the terms, limitations, and conditions of the member’s contract. Always check the member’s benefits for coverage information and limitations. Rates could change subject to participant, beneficiary, or enrollee-specific characteristics.

Price Transparency Tool
Available January 1, 2023

90 Degree Benefits’ CAA Price Transparency Tool makes it easy for members to access personalized cost-sharing information for health services from any participating provider. Access the details you need to help make decisions for your healthcare in three easy steps outlined in the guide below.

Download CAA Price Transparency Tool Guide

If you have any questions, please contact your local office.