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The Evolution of Cost-Containment…
And How We’ve Evolved to Save Groups More

May 24th

The cost of claims continues to rise. Solutions must evolve to keep up. Watch Rhett Crosby and Kristopher Matherly from 90 Degree Benefits as they break down the next generation of cost-containment solutions and share how to use data to maximize savings.

  • What’s Behind the Hospital Cost Curtain
  • Narrow Networks & Direct Contracts
  • Care Navigation, Quality Care and a Fair Price
  • Advanced Pharmacy Solutions
  • And More!

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Are You Getting The Deal? A Study on Pharmacy Management

April 12th

Curious about how your pharmacy benefits stack up to others? Join Dean Stirling and Chuck Gasmu as they review pricing structure, raw claims data, and how to successfully monitor your performance to ensure you’re getting the deal you expect from your PBM.

  • How do PBMs get compensated?
  • Case Study
  • Advantages of Active Claims Monitoring
  • Key Takeaways

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Direct Facility Agreements Aligning Patient, Provider and Payor

March 8th

Not sure where to get started when it comes to direct hospital contracting? Presenters Scott Brewster with 90 Degree Benefits and Byron Stockstill with LCMC Health explain:

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Overview 2023

February 8th

What’s the latest in health plan compliance? Join Katy Green and John Russo as they discuss:

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Kickin’ Off 2023: Retention Plan
Simple Steps on How to Keep Your Clients

January 11th

New year, new possibilities! Join us as we walk you through the simple rules of retaining clients, to help make 2023 your best year of business yet. Including:

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Medical Helpline:
Managing Care, Lifestyle Changes, and More

December 7th

Medical Helpline COO Lisa Peralta discusses how managing care and lifestyle changes can positively impact health benefit plans, as well as other health care management solutions Medical Helpline provides for members.


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