Our Partners

We are committed to providing you with the right tools while we create your ideal health plan. At 90 Degree Benefits, we only partner with the best so your business can make the right turn toward better outcomes with competitive rates for improved savings.

Access2day Health is a high-quality, employer sponsored medical clinic membership providing primary, preventative and wellness care services to covered employees and their family members. Access2Day Health helps cultivate a healthier workforce, increasing productivity. With an easy-to-use clinic finder app and communication services, Access2day Health serves as a strong employee attraction and retention tool for your clients.


Our HCIactive broker, employer, member and provider portals are easy-to-access, comprehensive resources. You can view medical experiences, wellness resources, top services and Rx spending. When used as an enrollment tool, the HCIactive Portal is easily customizable to include all product lines in one place.

Our Teladoc telehealth services give members access to board-certified physicians, licensed nurses and world-renowned medical specialists for better health outcomes. Teladoc provides monthly and year-end utilization reports, so you can see healthcare savings and keep your business moving in the right direction.

Leaf Health

With our Leaf Health pharmacy benefit management (PBM) services, you can still contain your plan costs without sacrificing member health. Leaf Health provides discounted pricing with the flexibility to meet the needs of our employer groups.

Our Deerwalk reporting tools provide clear insight into your plan’s performance based on specific, measurable data. Deerwalk creates dashboards with information from multiple data sources and formats, giving you the exact actionable insights you need.


Ocozzio helps us create powerful marketing tools that connect with you and those we serve. As the healthcare marketing experts, Ocozzio drives our business growth through marketing strategy and impactful messaging. They are our marketing team, helping us grow our business and yours.

Our partnership with The Phia Group is where health benefit experts meet healthcare cost containment experts. With The Phia Group, we provide our clients legal expertise, subrogation services, comprehensive consulting services and claim negotiation to help control costs, so your health plan contributes to the overall success of your business.

Phai Computer